Luxury Residential Yacht “The World” is the Most Exclusive Floating City

Forget penthouses or lofts, you can now live in a luxury yacht… if you have a big bank account and an invite.

Titled “The World”, this 644-feet long “condo cruise liner” is the largest residential yacht in the world. The luxurious ship has a total of 12 decks, a 7,000-square foot spa and fitness centre, a full-sized tennis court and 12,000 bottles of wine. Currently sitting in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor, The World has also travelled over 641,000 nautical miles and visited 1,213 ports around the world.

Source: The World

To get in the ship, you can’t simply put in a deposit – residents need to have a net worth of at least $10 million to get an invitation. The 165 apartments inside, ranging from $3 million for a studio to $15 million for a three-bedroom pad, have also sold out. Because of this, The World has been dubbed the “most exclusive” ship in the world.

The yacht has managed this business model since 2003. The owners of the apartments are quite mysterious, too – there is no list of owners, but it is reported that currently 142 families reside on the ship and the average age of the residents is 64.

The World’s general manager Sandra Mooney said despite having a capacity for 600 people, the yacht only ever had a maximum of 330. There is a sense of community among the ship passengers, too; Mooney told CNN the fifteen years spent together in the same vessel really made the people come together. “You have to come on board,” said Mooney. “Within a short period of time you really feel the heart of soul of spirit of the ship.”